Lost Ark: ​Glaivier feels very underwhelming


Hi. I foremost Pinnacle Glaivier and I actually have simply gotten to 1460. I be aware that my harm isn't always excellent in comparison to maximum different DPS lessons, although they may be some thing like 1430 or 1445. I went from 1415 to 1460 in  weeks, so I actually have best executed Valtan and Vykas two times every and so I do not have my relic set but. Here is a breakdown of my individual:

Pinnacle Glaivier 4x3 (Four Blue three Red), Engravings 4x3 (Pinnacle/Grudge/KBW/IM) and 1x1 (Since I can not get to X3 on Cursed Dol but I'm the use of Awakening on 1).

I'm sporting 2/2/2 Nightmare Flower/Demon Beast/Harsh Oath till I get complete Nightmare Flower. The weapon isn't always relic but. I actually have relic add-ons. Spec construct with swiftness on necklace.

All my tripods are lvl four with some nonetheless lvl three. None are lvl five but. I actually have lvl five-6 gemstones for each harm and CD of all foremost unfavorable competencies + CD for shackling blue dragon.

My DPS on Trixion (with out the use of Awakening) sits among 1.4m and 1.5m. I have not examined it out whilst the use of the awakening ability.

So, I experience like my harm is underwhelming on Guardians and Valtan/Vykas alike. I regularly see Gunslingers, Scrappers, Shadowhunters, Sorcs, Soulfists, Strikers and whatnot setting higher at the MVP display screen even if they have got simply 3 engravings and few/no relic add-ons of Lost ark gold. I observed  massive troubles at some stage in my play, which might be 1) thrust of destruction and specially crimson dragon horn can omit because of boss movement/assaults at the same time as I'm charging them and 2) It's now no longer unusual to lose the stance swapping bonus because of boss movement/cutscenes/mechanics, ensuing in a DPS loss.

I'm positive that the truth that I'm new to all of the endgame content material (consisting of the guardians) makes me much more likely to overlook assaults, get hit, or simply waste time in widespread, which places me at drawback whilst gambling with greater skilled gamers of their alts.

But nonetheless it seems like Glaivier is simply an excessive amount of trouble for too little rewards. It's a sluggish elegance being spec with  charging competencies + elevated mass. Plus, any interruption from mechanics/cutscenes could make you lose DPS because the stance switch bonus is going away. Plus, you've got got charging competencies that could without difficulty omit. And even if the whole thing is going proper, the harm is simply now no longer that terrific. I assume this may all worsen once I input 5x3 territory in view that the distance among Glaivier and the higher lessons will simply widen.

I may want to actually use a few suggestions on the way to enhance my individual of cheapest Lost ark gold. I just like the subject of the glaivier and I experience the manner it plays, however it's far startimg to bum me out that I underperform relative to different lessons - a lot of which might be less complicated to play.