​Madden desires to scrap all of it


What is Madden if it does not as it should be constitute what we see on the sphere on Sundays?

Madden desires to scrap all of it and simply be MUT, Competitive mode, and Franchise. They ought to all play Exactly the identical.

Whatever takes place in Madden while you choose to play Competitive or MUT ought to nonetheless constitute real NFL soccer, and if deciding on the ones modes flips a transfer that shuts off consequences, injuries, Madden 23 coins and what ever else cheese those men opt to play with is simply first-rate wiht me.

NFL soccer desires to be the coronary heart of the sport, period. Features want to paintings. Stats want to be stored. The draft must be playable.

I sense like Madden 23 does a awesome activity on the sphere. If it is now no longer awesome, for my part it is approximately as right as its ever clearly been as a minimum of current.

What i am pronouncing right here, NFL Football must be the coronary heart and soul of the sport. The gimmicks they hold throwing at it want to head, make an arcade sport or some thing.




I can't for the existence of me recognize how a person can choose out up madden, need to play Competitive, a aggressive Money sport, but now no longer recognize that the regulations physics, and many others of soccer are all of the identical.

Get on with it already EA.

And one more component, in case you're now no longer going to make your week to week sport begin deal paintings, simply dispose of it!

All that stated, I'm gambling a unmarried man or woman cloud franchise, I'm going to sim the draft, pressure myself to create but some other tale line for for my franchise, buy madden 23 coins at MMOexp shop and simply wish I can retain gambling a couple of seasons. Never thoughts the truth I may not be capable of construct the group I'm trying to construct due to the fact i am afraid to get caught withinside the draft loop, and the higher alternative is to hold gambling in place of throwing all of it away.