​Madden NFL 24: 10 Best Offensive Linemen, Ranked


Protecting the quarterback and opening up lanes for running backs is the method for winning in Madden NFL 24 however just a world class not many can pull it off.

Offensive linemen are the most un-estimated position in Madden NFL 24. Beyond a couple of organizations that care about information analytics, the public largely possibly notices offensive linemen when they commit an error since it results in a sack, tackle for misfortune, as well as mishandle.

Yet, proficient groups are perfectly mindful of how much the offensive line means to the group. Scouts watch these folks and monitor how well they shut down edge rushers and cautious linemen as well as pick up barrages. Madden NFL 24 prizes gamers that have solid offensive linemen on the crew.

Tristan Wirfs - LT - 92 OVR

Subsequent to winning the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers in his new kid on the block season, Tristan Wirfs has made the last two consecutive Expert Dishes. He's had some physical issue issues however his work when he's on the field has given scouts all the evidence they need to deliver a verdict.

Wirfs was the one constant as Tampa Sound lost a portion of their best offensive linemen to free agency. Fortunately, they held Wirfs who is prepared to be the cornerstone of the line when the issues at quarterback get resolved.

Quenton Nelson - LG - 92 OVR

Quenton Nelson is been to the Star Bowl for each extended time of his five-year career in spite of being in a Colts group that has seen some serious high points and low points. Amidst a slump, Nelson actually turned in a noteworthy performance in 2022.

Nelson has additionally started in everything except four games during this range, showing a strange healthiness for the position. On the off chance that he remains healthy and Indianapolis can sort out their issues at quarterback, Nelson's OVR ought to ascend as the season advances.

Joel Bitonio - LG - 92 OVR

Joel Bitonio is the most elevated ranked left monitor on this rundown however his OVR ought to be significantly higher. He's been to the last five Star Bowls in succession and blocks for Nick Chubb who joyfully goes through the holes that Bitonio creates.

The Browns weren't exceptionally noteworthy last year regardless of having first class players at wide receiver, running back, quarterback, and a strong guard. On the off chance that Cleveland can get this resolved, expect Bitonio to ascend much higher on this rundown.

Jason Kelce - C - 92 OVR

Jason Kelce is appraised as the best center in the NFL. He's been to the Ace Bowl multiple times and his last 3 appearances have been consecutive, so he's playing at his most significant level for a Falcons group that loves to run up the stomach.

The best safeguards around prefer to rush up the center however groups know not to do that in Philadelphia. Kelce's intelligence and capacity to track down the barrage is unparalleled. In the event that the remainder of the group continues, to play out, he's prepared to win another Super Bowl.

Andrew Thomas - LT - 92 OVR

Coming off of a surgery on his foot, many were stressed over how Andrew Thomas would conform to the association. Be that as it may, 2022 was his best season at this point and he assumed an immense part in the Monsters taking a colossal jump forward following quite a while of mediocrity.

Conflicting with the best protective linemen and linebackers, Thomas is bold, setting up lanes for Barkley and giving Jones a lot of opportunity to toss. On the off chance that New York continues to improve, Thomas ought to be considered a cornerstone to make a more profound season finisher run one year from now.

Chris Lindstrom - RG - 93 OVR

Coming to his most memorable Ace Bowl, Lindstrom has moved forward each year as a player. Although Mariota battled at quarterback, Lindstrom gave him some space to breathe up the center and enormously aided the running match-up.

When Madden NFL 24 was at first uncovered, gamers probably won't have remembered to utilize the Atlanta Falcons. In any case, for running backs that like to go between the tackles and quarterbacks that like a clean tossing lane over the center, there are not many better choices.

Laremy Tunsil - LT - 95 OVR

Praising the Texans is difficult. In any case, Laremy Tunsil, their three-time Genius Bowler, is totally incredible. This might appear to be little however a franchise-caliber blindside tackle is actually a significant cornerstone.

Think about who the first class players may be is extreme yet many acknowledge that Tunsil is meriting the recognition that he gets. It's difficult to stand apart as an offensive lineman for a group in strife however he figures out how to do it no different either way. With some advancement from Houston, Tunsil's OVR could try and increase.

Trent Williams - LT - 98 OVR

Over the most recent 11 years, Trent Williams has been an Ace Bowler in ten of them. No big surprise he's the first class left tackle in the game. At the point when the 49ers saw their starting quarterbacks get harmed and knocked out, any reasonable person would agree the backups played better compared to most others because Williams was locking down the blindside.

As Madden considers skirting a year, gamers could have felt that the 49ers would have skirted a year with injury issues. Yet, Williams transforms even the most awful groups into contenders as he gobbles up the association's most first class pass rushers effortlessly.

Lane Johnson - RT - 98 OVR

As the most noteworthy evaluated right tackle in the game, Lane Johnson is a veteran who is playing far better at the back portion of his career. A previous Super Bowl champion and current Ace Bowler, Johnson was vital to a Birds group that came to the Super Bowl.

Lane Johnson set a standard by not permitting a sack in 26 consecutive games. That is over a season and a portion of zero sacks surrendered. As gamers consider who the following cover competitor may be, Johnsons should be regarded among the best.

Zack Martin - RG - 99 OVR

If anyone somehow managed to be the following 99 OVR offensive linemen, there are not many more meriting than Zack Martin. At any point can't help thinking about why the Cowboys' backup running back who started 4 games barely a year ago broke 1,000 yards? Tony Pollard is without a doubt quite possibly of the best running back in the association, yet his blockers merit something beyond a little tip of the cap.

Martin has been to the Ace Bowl multiple times, including each of the most recent two years. Presently playing over and above anyone's expectations, he's at long last getting recognized as the best gatekeeper in the association as well as the best generally offensive lineman too with a very much procured 99 OVR.

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