​Madden NFL 24: 10 Best Wide Receivers, Ranked


A couple of select wide receivers are so great at cutting down passes in Madden NFL 24 that it hardly matters who is tossing the ball to them.

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A top wide beneficiary in Madden NFL 24 can change the tides of a game or take out wins from almost certain defeats. Most gamers that have played this franchise for even a tad have seen a Hail Mary throw at the finish of regulation dominate a match. The goal is to be on the triumphant side of these catches.

There is almost no protection against the ideal pass. That's actual in actual football and Madden NFL 24. This means that a wide recipient who is equal to or better than the guard can become unstoppable. Gamers that are certain about their passing will find that a few first class wide receivers have their way with virtually any guarded plan.

CeeDee Lamb - 90 OVR

The youthful CeeDee Lamb had his best year this last season and has made two Ace Dishes in succession. With career highs in gatherings, yards, and scores last year, the scary idea for rival teams is that Lamb is just getting warmed up.

Ordinarily a model of consistency, Dak Prescott drove the league in picks this last year, many on tipped passes where the recipient didn't exactly get all of the ball. With some more practice and another year, Lamb may be much more matched up with Prescott. Assuming that happens, Dallas is looking great.

Amari Cooper - 91 OVR

Amari Cooper was an Ace Bowl scorn last year as he set a career-high in getting scores for a Browns team that came no place near living up to their grand assumptions. In the main part of a disappointing year, Cooper was a brilliant spot.

This shouldn't come as a shock as Cooper has been a star beneficiary for the Raiders and Cowpokes, getting two Expert Bowl gestures with each organization. Assuming that the Browns meet up soon, Sooper will easily get two additional choices in Cleveland.

A.J. Brown - 91 OVR

The Titans parted ways with A.J. Brown following a disappointing 2021 season in exchange for a first round pick. The Eagles were rewarded for their gamble as they got a career year from Brown who made the Ace Bowl and drove the team to a Super Bowl appearance.

Last year was Brown's best and there could be another championship run for Philadelphia. On the off chance that they can hold the hostile line together and outdo Damages, Brown will guarantee that the Eagles will not be sprinters up to any other team next season.

Terry McLaurin - 92 OVR

Many receivers on this rundown benefit from staggering quarterback play. Terry McLaurin has long managed to be amazing and made his most memorable Genius Bowl last year in spite of the Commanders having no accomplishment at the quarterback position.

Washington appears to be going with their fifth-round pick from 2022 at the QB spot. Fortunately McLaurin appears to sparkle regardless of who tosses to him. Assuming that everything pan out, McLaurin will be the following huge superstar.

Ja'Marr Chase - 94 OVR

An injury held Ja'Marr Chase back from having a full season last year however he was so successful on the field for just 12 games that he actually made the Expert Bowl and drove the Bengals in getting yards and gatherings. Cincinnati has many talented wide receivers yet no one inquiries that Chase is the leader of the threesome.

Chase is probably going to post far and away superior numbers later on since the Bengals have addressed the hostile line and the unit gradually came together last year. In the event that Joe Tunnel is healthy and Chase gets time to run free, this ongoing OVR may be all the more a story as opposed to a roof.

Stefon Diggs - 96 OVR

As soon as Madden NFL 24 was revealed with Josh Allen on the cover, recollections of Stefon Diggs pulling down passes came to mind. Diggs has been to three Genius Bowls in succession and set a career-high for scores this last season as the Bills dominated the year.

Diggs was a star in Minnesota yet has turned into a superstar in Buffalo. The team is as yet searching for its most memorable championship, trusting that the magic among Diggs and Allen is still as strong as ever. On the off chance that it is, the Bills are an easy competitor to win everything.

Cooper Kupp - 96 OVR

2021 was an unreal year for Cooper Kupp who drove the league in getting scores, yards, and gatherings. He almost hit the 2000-yard marker and set a NFL postseason gatherings record as the Rams won the Super Bowl.

As Madden contemplates skirting a year, Kupp had injuries derail this last season as well. He was all the while amazing in the couple of games he played and so he maintains an out of this world rating. With a few health and great quarterback play, Kupp is as yet a potential chart-clincher.

Davante Adams - 97 OVR

Anybody feeling that Davante Adams would disappear without Aaron Rodgers this last season before long regarded themselves as demonstrated exceptionally off-base. Adams drove the NFL in score gatherings last year and became the immediate favorite of Derek Carr in Las Vegas.

Carr is out after a very disappointing season for the Raiders yet fans have each reason to accept that Adams will keep on being unimaginable. After six straight Genius Bowl appearances, Adams is clearly truly outstanding at the position.

Tyreek Hill - 98 OVR

Some could have stressed for Tyreek Hill when he left Kansas City and one of the most amazing quarterbacks of all chance to go to Miami yet the quick wideout had the most yards and gatherings in a season for his career last year. As gamers anticipated the first class players, Hill was clearly going to be in the high 90s.

Hill's been great for quite a long time and has a Super Bowl ring to show for his endeavors. His seven continuous Genius Bowls will become eight straight this next season inasmuch as the quarterback play in Miami keeps on being serviceable.

Justin Jefferson - 99 OVR

It's hard to argue that Justin Jefferson isn't downright amazing. While picking potential cover athletes, his name was certainly on the rundown. After just three years in the league, Jefferson made the Ace Bowl in all of them and this last season was his best at this point.

Jefferson drove the league in getting yards and gatherings this past season while heading to being named the NFL Hostile Player of the Year. Some could argue that Kupp had a superior season two years ago and still just got a 98 yet the ratings adjusters may be anticipating a superior season for Jefferson after an already huge campaign.

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