Missed douse one is retarded

Least Admired 2K Animations?Just analytical what anybody thinks.Mine has to

be the "dunk" action area the amateur goes for a douse but is no area even

accidentally abutting to the basket. Bits is abundantly lame.

In 2k16 the "missed dunk" one area you jump 3 anxiety college than normal,

get massively befuddled with no whistle, get the brawl appropriate aloft the

bassinet and cast it way out of bound instead of slamming it in.Or if the CPU

loses the brawl afresh elastic bands into a layup alarming by you as they

balance it.

I still get the "missed dunk". Doesn't advice that my dude is a 7'1 center,

he about puts his arch aloft the backboard and still misses the shot.

Every uncalled abhorrent action area the brawl abettor just drops the brawl

in mypark. Or if a amateur euro accomplish and somehow loses ascendancy and

throws the brawl out of bounds. Or those dumbass abounding cloister passes that

get launched at a 100 afar per hour off the backboard. There's too abounding to


I abhorrence the layup animations this year. It's not too bad with your

myplayer already you apprentice the animations you accept assigned, but in my

aggregation it's annoying as hell. I get blocked so abounding times because of

brainless lay up animations.

Missed douse one is retarded. the one area a amateur collides with addition

and the apostle is abetment up captivation his face like he just got punched

abrogation the guy he was attention accessible for a advanced accessible


When your assistant runs badly far out of bound and appears to be active

through the courtside seats.

When you drive baseline and get "stripped" afterwards the apostle even

affecting the brawl and your amateur flops like crazy.

Sometimes you'll be in acute D approach and afresh the cpu will just do a

feel cycle and will just accidentally accelerate next to you authoritative no




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