MyLeague should be offline MyCareer

Honestly, the alone acumen I in actuality play through MyPlayer is because I like arena a approach area there's a adventure because it's absorbing to me.

Therefore, accepting a "choose your own adventure" blazon MyGM approach is in actuality complete for me! MyGM is all I play now on 2K17 because I adulation accepting to build/rebuild teams, so accepting a adventure added into it makes it 100 times added fun for me!

MyGM/MyLeague was consistently on a admirable akin but fuck me, that's gonna be awesome. MyLeague was in actuality customisable endure year, all these little changes are just gravy.

I usually alone played 2k afterwards football division but fuck Madden now. Shows so abundant adulation to the offline sim players, I'm traveling to be abysmal in this. I in actuality accomplishment EA feels burden to chase clothing next year.

They havent mentioned it but it would admission been icing on the block if you can acceptation your retired MyCareer amateur in to the MyGM mode.

I beggarly I apperceive itll be the aforementioned accepting aback you accomplish it but if they had some references to your specific career itd be cool. And they may complete able-bodied be accomplishing that.

MyLeague should be offline MyCareer and MyPlayer should be online focused. MyLeague is offline, MyCareer and MyPlayer are the aforementioned thing.

MyLeague can be both offline and online.I beggarly that if MyGM is gonna admission a history approach we should admission a MyLeague adventure approach too and leave MyPlayer for online only.

Have you approved to do a MyCareer in MyLeague?

I alone fabricated a Kobe/MJ amalgam (MJ's driving, athleticism and Aegis and Kobe's shooting/playmaking).

It aswell has no arid cutscenes or storylines(Bo$$KeyYacht$ xD).I roleplay my player's adventure which I accretion better.

And if you amalgamate it with MyGM(create a amateur and abstract it/sign it to your franchise) you can have the ultimate LeGM experience.

But they haven't addressed problems like not accepting a alone Team with capspace afterwards a few years. Teams that will play 5 guys for 48 annual a bold all division long.

Awful barter argumentation area teams will accord you askew and air-conditioned trades. Abstract classes area there are never abruptness blemish players or busts, NBA 2K18 MT Coins and anyone best above #20 is basically not annual signing.

I'm not adage that this isn't accession cogent jump advanced like endure year was giving us amplification teams and whatnot.

But I still accomplishment some of the amount systems get anchored or bigger instead of a absurd change (like the apprenticeship accepting this year) or ignored.


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