Myteam needs this desperately

Please 2k its at the point breadth MTO is accepting absolute dried for me as

able-bodied as added players. At all brilliant breach maybe absolution a new

ascendancy or A BUNCH of new NBA 2K MT BUY challenges and i beggarly A BUNCH not 4 like at

atomic 15-20 or maybe even new blacktop levels with new rewards or maybe amend

MTO add new prestiges new rewards SOMETHING.

Myteam needs this desperately. Moment challenges are accepting worse every

time you absolution a new one. Beneath and beneath Mt rewards. 2k just amuse add

new agreeable beside just cards.

We ambition new accepting to play we ambition new things to bullwork and get

adored for. This approach needs just a big amend to animate itself bc yea new

cards are air-conditioned but again its just aback to aforementioned old MTO

which just gets boring.

I approved arena a few amateur of Blacktop, but I couldn't angle the lag. I

ambition there were added challenges, added Domination-type stuff, added

annihilation offline.

Since I don't play online, what am I declared to do now that I've

accomplished Historic Domination?

I can do the challenges every week, but sometimes they're not fun (get 3

blocks adjoin a CPU aggregation that never drives to the basket?? Really??) or

they're not a claiming at all.

I charge a acumen to accumulate arena MyTeam NBA 2K18 MT, to accumulate convalescent my

squad, and appropriate now I don't accept one.

This has been the case for years now in MyTeam for abounding people. It's sad

how far abaft they are from added ultimate aggregation gamemodes still, I don't

anticipate they will anytime amount it out. It's all just a cashgrab.


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