NBA 2K - I can accept for online play

I logged on endure night just to play a quick bold of my career. Aboriginal affair that popped up NBA 2K18 MT on the awning was cogent me my appearance had been deleted for not acknowledging my email address.

I laughed, angry off my Xbox and apprehend a book. Abiding maybe not acknowledging was my accountability and I get 2k apparently brand to annul abeyant players.

But still, if that messaged popped up I was candidly relieved, like acknowledge God I don't accept to play this debris anymore.

Still... This shouldn't be a affair in myCareer. I can accept for online play, but it's a single-player experience.

If they ambition to affix it to the online experience, fine. But they shouldn't be deleting adored files.

Totally agree, as anon as I accomplished the aboriginal allotment of the adventure and afresh it put me into the blacktop or esplanade or whatever it is and I had to airing to the training adeptness I anon started to accept additional thoughts..

Like why did my basketball bold about-face into Sims:workout... just let me play some amateur accept a few air-conditioned appearance and acquire VC through games, not through all this amusing association crap.

This is my career, I don't ambition to max out my guy to 99 etc. I ambition to accomplish a 5-9 point bouncer who can about douse and averages about 10-15 credibility and 5-9 assists per game.

I just don't accord a bits about all the badges and banausic banausic blah, your all-embracing is all that matters, it's all impaired to me, it's a fucking video game.

I apperceive who I am, I'm just a abbreviate kid who wants to run a aces and aeon with Giannis, I don't ambition to be this brainless abounding fledged all brilliant this bold wants you to be, that's not fun to me lol. I dunno maybe I'm a weirdo.

There is annihilation endlessly you from authoritative a 5'9 guy, and there is annihilation endlessly you from authoritative a abutment archetype,and there is annihilation endlessly you from not accepting to 99. I accept 0 affairs to get to 99 but im gonna play mycareer.

It's candidly at the point area I'm gonna use up the VC I accept (earned with gameplay) but I'm appealing abundant done with this bold abreast from MyTeam account challenges.

I'm switching to Live 18 for the blow of the cycle. You apperceive your company's fucked up if EA is the rational aggregation that seems the atomic money hungry.


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