​NBA 2K23: How to Claim Free 300K MT and Maximize Your MyTeam Profits


Hey, NBA 2K23 fans! Today, I'm here to share an exciting opportunity to claim a free 300K MT in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. As someone who has accumulated over 1.3 million 2K MT, I can assure you that this method works. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Unlock a Free Ascension Challenge (Expires Today):

Although it's not directly related to MT, there's a time-limited opportunity you shouldn't miss. Head over to the Single Player section and look for the Pickup Challenge. Complete this challenge today because it expires soon. While it won't directly earn you MT, it offers a chance to win rewards and potentially pull MT from the board. So, make sure to take advantage of this free Ascension challenge before it's gone.

Profitable Sniping Filters:

Now, let's explore some of the best methods to make hundreds of thousands of MT in MyTeam. One highly profitable technique is sniping, and I'm going to share two effective filters with you.

   • Invincible Filter: This filter is a game-changer, especially since the release of the Invincible cards, including Giannis, Magic, and T-Mac. Set the filter to Invincible, and you'll see these highly sought-after cards. Set the minimum buyout to 500 and keep refreshing. While it may take some time, getting any of these cards for a buy now price guarantees a profit of over 1 million MT. This filter has been the most profitable throughout the year, so give it a try.

   • Galaxy Opal Cheapest Filter: Another great filter is focused on Galaxy Opal cards. Set the filter to Galaxy Opal and sort by the maximum buyout. Look for cards listed around 5,500 MT. These cards sell quickly within minutes, allowing you to turn a profit. Set the maximum buyout to 4,800, and every Galaxy Opal card you find on this filter is guaranteed profit. This filter works exceptionally well when new packs are released, as players tend to list cards at lower prices to recoup their MT.

Investing in Playoff Cards:

Investing in playoff cards can be a highly profitable long-term strategy. For example, consider players like Jason Tatum, who has the potential to evolve into a Dark Matter card. Acquiring these players before their upgrades can yield significant profits. If you believe a player has a good chance of winning Finals MVP, investing in their cards can be a smart move. Some players to consider are LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, and Jimmy Butler. Additionally, you can target cheaper playoff cards like Michael Porter Jr. (MPJ), who may evolve into Dark Matter with a standout performance. By investing wisely in playoff cards, you can make substantial MT profits.

Other MT Making Methods:

Apart from sniping and investing in playoff cards, there are several other ways to make MT in NBA 2K23 MyTeam.

   • Complete Challenges: Certain challenges may not directly reward you with MT, but they often provide valuable rewards that can be sold for MT. Look for challenges that offer player cards, badges, or consumables that are in high demand.

   • Utilize Filters: Explore different filters to find undervalued cards or specific card tiers that sell well. For example, set the filter to Pink Diamond and gradually lower the maximum buyout to find snipes and profitable flips.

In conclusion, NBA 2K23 offers numerous opportunities to accumulate MT in MyTeam. By leveraging sniping filters, investing in playoff cards, and exploring other methods, you can generate substantial profits. Remember to stay updated with new packs, market trends, and potential player upgrades. Take advantage of the free Ascension challenge before it expires. Keep honing your MT-making skills, and you'll see your NBA 2K23 MT balance skyrocket. Best of luck on your journey to building an unstoppable MyTeam lineup! Don't forget to leave a like on this article and stay tuned for more NBA 2K23 content.