​NBA 2K24: A Wish List for a Better Gaming Experience


With each new release of NBA 2K, fans eagerly anticipate improvements and new features that will enhance their gaming experience. However, it seems that with each passing year, the game falls short of expectations. It's time for the developers to take note and make some necessary changes to ensure that NBA 2K24 becomes the best installment in the series. In this article, we will delve into some key aspects that need attention in order to make the game better.

Skill Gap: One of the most crucial aspects of any competitive game is the skill gap. Players have been requesting a greater skill gap in NBA 2K for years. While efforts were made in the previous release by introducing green shots, there are still significant issues. The removal of limitations and restrictions on player builds has led to an imbalance in the game. Allowing players to create builds that can excel in every aspect of the game diminishes the need for skill. It is important to have restrictions that differentiate players and create a space for skillful gameplay. The system used in NBA 2K20, with its defined archetypes, offered a good balance and should be revisited.

Game Speed: The pace of the game has a significant impact on the overall experience. A fast-paced game not only makes it more enjoyable to play but also more exciting to watch. While different game modes can have varying speeds, the Park game mode, for instance, could benefit from a faster pace. This would allow skilled players to excel, while slower game speeds could be implemented in other modes to accommodate players who need more time to react. A higher game speed can enhance the overall flow and make the gameplay feel smoother and more dynamic.

Reward System: The reward system in NBA 2K has been both a good and bad addition to the game. While it is exciting to receive new content throughout the year, it often feels like the game is incomplete at launch. The delayed release of certain features, such as animations and dribble moves, gives the impression that players are being cheated out of a complete game. It would be more satisfying for players to have access to all the game's features from the start, rather than having to wait for them to be gradually released throughout the year. Cosmetic rewards are welcome, but fundamental gameplay elements should be available from day one.

Virtual Currency Prices: VC/MT is an integral part of NBA 2K, allowing players to upgrade their characters and access various in-game items. However, the exorbitant prices of VC/MT have become a concern for the community. The cost of making a single build can amount to $50 or more, which is excessive for a basketball game. Lowering the prices would encourage players to experiment with different builds and enjoy the full potential of the game. The current pricing structure feels like a cash grab and limits players' ability to fully explore and enjoy the game.

In conclusion, NBA 2K24 has the potential to be a standout installment in the series, provided that the developers address some of the key issues plaguing the game. A balanced skill gap, appropriate game speeds for different modes, a complete reward system, and fair NBA 2K24 MT prices are crucial aspects that need improvement. By listening to the community and implementing these changes, the developers can create a game that is enjoyable, competitive, and stands the test of time. Let's hope that NBA 2K24 becomes a game that players can enjoy all year long, regardless of their preferred playstyle or skill level.