Night Crows PVP Map Insignia & Daily Materials Farming Tips


In this comprehensive guide to Night Crows, we explore the intricacies of obtaining Insignia from PVP maps and optimizing daily materials farming. By following these tips, players can enhance their efficiency and progress swiftly through the game's challenges.

Firstly, let's delve into the significance of Insignia, a valuable resource obtained from special dungeons with limited entry times. To access dungeons for levels 30 to 45, players only require SA (Special Access), while levels 50 to 55 necessitate Entry Scrolls. It's crucial to prioritize participation in these dungeons to acquire Insignia, which can be exchanged for crucial materials later on.

In the PVP Zone, players must exercise caution while engaging in battles. Points can be earned by defeating players from other servers (denoted by orange color), whereas white-colored players belong to your server and green-colored players are your queue members. It's advisable to target areas with a higher concentration of players from your server or queue members to maximize point acquisition and minimize risks.

Additionally, players can capitalize on ongoing events to acquire extra Insignia. By participating in events and achieving designated objectives, players can earn additional rewards, including Insignia. Coordination with a team or party is recommended to efficiently farm points and complete event objectives.

Once a sufficient amount of Insignia is accumulated, players can exchange them for useful items from designated NPCs. These items vary from the Korean region but are nonetheless invaluable for enhancing gameplay. Insignia can also be used to obtain daily materials, making them an essential currency for character progression.

For players with excess Insignia, consider saving them for future content or events. Buffs and items purchased with Insignia can be beneficial for future challenges, ensuring preparedness for upcoming updates and expansions.

For those seeking to maximize their farming efficiency, consider investing in additional material recharge options. While slightly expensive, these recharges can be invaluable when time is limited and farming is necessary. With options for both immediate material acquisition and future planning, players can tailor their approach to suit their gameplay style and objectives.

In conclusion, understanding the mechanics of acquiring Insignia and optimizing daily materials farming is essential for success in Night Crows. By following these tips and strategies, players can efficiently progress through the game's content and overcome challenges with ease, get more Night Crows Diamonds. Remember to prioritize participation in special dungeons, capitalize on event opportunities, and strategically utilize Insignia for maximum benefit. Happy hunting, and may your adventures in Night Crows be fruitful!