​Old School RuneScape’s Roadmap in 2024


Old School RuneScape's 2024 roadmap is here, following the new Winter Summit. The group has a ton on the way, with Varlamore opening up in Walk, a patched-up Safeguard of Varrock and While Guthix Sleeps, reports on sailing, Wilderness, and more.

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Varlamore, the Shining Kingdom, was a feature, and the group has a new dev blog going inside and out pretty much everything we can anticipate. Varlamore was declared some time back, yet presently they've delved into lots of insights regarding what's coming, what's being changed, and more in what will be OSRS's greatest region development. Hope to begin in the focal point of the kingdom and investigate the capital.

Past that, there are different spots to investigate, animals you won't find somewhere else, legends to drench yourself in, and more. Fortis Colosseum will offer a PvM minigame, there will be another rune type, and obviously, prison content and rewards. Anticipate the initial segment in the Spring of the 20th and further development, with new exercises and journeys, in the mid-year.

This month, anticipate Scurrius, The Rodent King, a rat of the most uncommon size, and the freshest PvM chief. In addition to any PvM chief, however, one planned as a section-level chief, intended to introduce PvM content. He can be experienced in performance or in a gathering.

Protector of Varrock is coming back, with the greater part of the journey returning as veterans will recall, however for certain changes. The Mahjarrat Storyline will likewise continue with the Grandmaster Journey, While Guthix Sleeps. The people group needed to see it endlessly back it will come-yet as a changed mission. The original is the starting point, and they've backported it, yet there will be a few changes, including keeping it in line with their more extended-term plans. Anticipate this in the mid-year.

The Wilderness is likewise getting an update, with content for all forms. The Disorder Sanctuary is likewise getting an invigorate. Details show most PvP passings in the ongoing Wilderness are in the 20-40 territory, so they're looking to add something new. The Confusion Sanctuary is set to be "an area of interest where players can make themselves some money, score some new Wilderness or PvP-centered uniques, and find battles with players around their level". A potential passage point into Wilderness PVP, and a temptation with plunder as well.

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