​One big easy farm you can do now


I haven't yet gotten into the DK prep yet, but one of the biggest farms you can start today that will help is:

The boost for Aldor and Scryer rep. Start WotLK with shoulder Enchants (and the scryer tabard to get bis-looking appearances)

However, I might or might not go insane with my preparation for wotlk because I was a bit intensively with TBC preparation and found myself not enjoying the expansion in the least as compared to the memories of it. Whatever you've accomplished, the biggest improvement in speed or efficiency will result from:

1, Financial:

- All your alts that you'll eventually want to own at the age of 80, and leveled up to 70, with their professions in WOTLK capped to TBC. In my situation I'll be leveling JC on every single alt in order to earn everyday dragonseye treasures (~5min per toon for a day).

Also, you should prepare WOW TBC gold for each alt's status as a mount. In my situation, every mount needs Northrend flying. Massive stockpiles of glyphs and enchants/equipments like DMC:Greatness (can't recall if it was available at launch or not)

2, Leveling plans as DKs are the most popular class to use to grind aoe when they're present in the game...While they are not terrible in questing in any in shape or form however, it's a little more difficult to pull in enough mobs during playing quests, especially in the midst of heavy competition with the two million other rerolls that are also doing similar. DKs can also be effective tanks as well, and leveling doesn't require other than stance swapping in order to achieve it. The combination of these two elements makes leveling in dungeons very feasible with five DK group configuration and tank swapping:

- If you're solo, know your quest paths. The majority of your quest's pace is determined by the path optimization. Make sure you are aware of how everyone else may interfere with your quest.

If you're opting for the group/dungeon spam approach it is best to have dedicated individuals who are at the same "sweatiness level" that can manage their characters with yours. For instance, if you eating pops but they're not there, then you could be having a problem. If your 5man runs 5 DKs then you may be able to adjust your specifications to reap the benefits to the party of three trees, and also you might want to have everyone spec into and glyph rune taps to ensure that everyone is healed up to 50% HP every minute upon demand.

3, Concerning gear prep I'm much more focused on gear prep for DKs because a lot attack types are spell-based and not weapon-based particularly when you're AoE pulling (which you must be doing on your own or in Dungeons)

You have the option of making the choice of weapons' gear which limit the time it takes to level the weapon. Blade of Misfortune can be an excellent illustration since the alternative to this level is the polearm Hellreaver that is a rampart which is a shame since nobody cares about polearms.

- In OG the rage, people were very insistent that DKs be blacksmiths, so that they could get an all white, epic mace weapon that could be made at around 80 (I believe it was titansteel ). But it's been a while since )... don't worry.

Although the weapon itself was comparable to getting thunder in Wotlk the launch... Naxx 25 is so incredibly simple, I'm certain of it be completed within the next 20or more people are able to reach up to. There are a lot of drops for weapons in the game. It also feels like 10, 25, and 25 have various locks are locked out (which gives you additional options in terms of gear) however I'm not confident enough with my memory on this one.