People acquire accepted to bashing 2k

I wouldn't try traveling pro 2k on this sub man, humans acquire accepted to bashing 2k just for the NBA 2K18 MT karma. Humans don't like change and this was a change.

I know, humans don't see things from 2K's ancillary which is what I try to do. Humans will accuse and accuse and still play and still buy VC.

It's just like the altercation that they cut agreeable if sometimes you acquire to abnormally in the gaming industry. Gamers are so baneful to any and all developers it's disgusting.

The acceptable things that 2K does will consistently go unnoticed. Afresh they alarm them apathetic if they can't change some bits endure minute.

2K association is ridiculous, they'll breach the bold with cheese and glitches, afresh accuse if it's fixed.

2k is apathetic and they had all year and didn't fix these things in 2k17:

Extremely continued loading times, we're talking 5 annual to 20 annual to aggregate aggregate up and get into a bold online.

Glitching courts area anybody cat-and-mouse on the cloister gets ashore and has to displace their bold and afresh go through all the loading again.

Random crashes. Bad ascribe lag in park. All the glitches with alteration my players, accident your hot spots every time you actualize a new my player.

These are all bugs that are still there in 2k17 appropriate now. I would be abashed if I was a developer on 2k endure year. The abandoned acumen they get abroad with it is no competition.

If every added amateur in the bold has absolute ratings for attributes and your amateur acutely does too (if we already bare 86 brawl ascendancy or w/e instead of "10 bars") afresh acutely the stats are already affected for your player.

I don't anticipate it is harder abundant to be something that is delayed best than a week.

Well yea, that's not a bad point, but If you anticipate that they in actuality created 189 altered versions with 189 altered badges and 189 altered upgrades, it's analytic that they aswell structured every aspect in agreement of numbers.

It may accept like a huge thing, but it's like bold all the chicken caps or the badges, but with numbers. it's in actuality a "hard work", but it's aswell just putting in numbers.


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