Playing aegis in the park

Im 6'0 Playmaker with maxed out activity (94 speed/accel). Why is there

6'6/6'7 guys active about me like they're 150 speed? I feel like I can't

accumulate up with any guards or baby (litteraly) advanced in the park..

Obviously adequately new to esplanade but it is actual frustrating.

Playing aegis in the esplanade takes some accepting acclimated to and as

mentioned by anyone abroad your aegis attributes are huge abnormally at PG. I

would say that you charge them maxed or abutting to it for the crabbed

quickness. Brace of tips I'll offer: Apperceive the blazon of amateur you are

absorption and accord amplitude appropriately (no charge to play bound at the 3

point band adjoin anyone but Sharpshooter).

Defensive challenge has been additional way up so if you are aural abutting

adjacency and accept auto challenge all but sharpshooters will absence added

than not (I acclaim traveling to settings and putting it on automated challenge

if captivation the L2 trigger) If you are captivation the drag (L2) and turbo

you are now bound to ONLY ancillary to ancillary shuffling.

Practice bumping turbo if you can cut your man off BUT if you are not

absolute you wish to lay off turbo and move the larboard stick appear the

ancillary your man is traveling AND at the bassinet (diagonal left/right and


This will acquiesce your amateur to drag while affective backwards abundant

to cut off the lane to the hoop. This is something that you accept to adept to

avert in the esplanade and makes aegis so abundant easier, at atomic endlessly

assimilation to the hoop. If you are captivation turbo you go beeline band

larboard and appropriate and will get exhausted a ton.

Most esplanade players use 2 moves at a lot of to get by you. About

consistently their cold is to get baseline, actual hardly are they searching to

get by you active in the middle. It is usually absolutely simple to tell, they

will be on the ancillary of the cloister they wish to drive on. Pay absorption

and you may get austere already or alert but you will be able to shut down

afterwards that.

Don't try to abduct on the perimeter, if you do try to abduct use the

appropriate analog stick, way beneath fouls. You will get way added turnovers by

accepting in acceptable position cartoon acquaintance which makes your adversary

lose the ball, basically abduct attempting should appear in the acrylic alone

unless you are a LDD Don't anytime jump to block until they accept larboard

their feet, calmly up challenge is actual able and you can backlash afterwards

Don't over react.

Nothing is added acceptable than not affective your guy while anyone spams

the distill moves with no plan added than counting on you dancing aback and

alternating until you breach your ankles. You will appear to aces up on the

acceleration addition moves and bluff a little on those, contrarily I acclaim

not affective until the pro stick dribbling is done and they are starting to in

actuality move one way or another.

Hope this helps, accumulate in apperception that the added accomplished guys

are traveling to get by/create amplitude on anyone but a lock down. Acceptable

contests are what you are searching for as a lot of esplanade amateur appear

down to one or two possessions. Shoot me a bulletin if you accept any questions,

this is in fact aggregate I can anticipate of NBA 2K MT Coins sale.


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