Rune Farming in Elden Ring: A Guide to Quick Leveling


Among the many aspects of Elden Ring that players dive into, one crucial element is leveling up and acquiring Elden Ring runes, the currency of progression in the game. In this guide, we'll delve into a specific method to efficiently farm runes early in the game, allowing players to accelerate their character's growth and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

The method we'll explore involves a strategic approach to farming runes utilizing specific equipment, locations, and techniques. By following these steps, players can amass a considerable number of runes in a relatively short amount of time, providing them with the resources needed to enhance their character's abilities and gear.

To embark on this rune-farming journey, players must first acquire MN's Sacred Spear, a potent weapon that excels at dispatching enemies and gathering runes. This spear, obtained by defeating Mwin, boasts modest stat requirements of 24 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 27 Arcane, making it accessible early in the game. Its effectiveness in rune farming far surpasses its humble prerequisites, making it a valuable asset for players seeking rapid progression.

Equipping the Taker's Cameo Talisman and the Golden Scarab is essential for maximizing efficiency and survivability during rune farming. The Taker's Cameo prevents enemies from killing the player upon striking them, while the Golden Scarab boosts rune acquisition. Additionally, players can opt to use the Golden Pickled Foul Foot for a temporary boost to rune acquisition, albeit with a limited duration. By combining these items, players can significantly increase their rune yield per minute, paving the way for swift advancement.

The farming process itself involves navigating to a specific location within MN's Palace, accessible after completing certain milestones in the game. Once there, players face off against a group of enemies known as Albaner, utilizing the MN's Sacred Spear to dispatch them swiftly. With the aid of the Taker's Cameo and the Golden Scarab, players can sustain themselves in combat while reaping the rewards of their efforts.

Timing also plays a crucial role in optimizing rune farming efficiency. Engaging in farming during nighttime increases the chance of encountering enemies with Madness, granting additional runes upon their defeat. This additional bonus further enhances the overall rune yield, making nighttime farming sessions particularly lucrative.

In a test conducted by enthusiasts, using solely the Golden Scarab yielded approximately 53,944 runes per minute, translating to an astonishing 3,236,640 runes per hour. With the inclusion of the Golden Pickled Foul Foot alongside the Golden Scarab, the rune yield skyrocketed to approximately 72,8124 runes per minute, equating to an astounding 4,369,440 runes per hour. These results underscore the effectiveness of this farming method in rapidly accumulating runes for character progression.

It's worth noting that this farming technique can be implemented early in the game, shortly after defeating Godrick and gaining access to MN's Palace. By seizing the opportunity to farm runes early on, players can establish a solid foundation for their character's development, enabling them to tackle challenges with greater ease as they progress through the game.

In conclusion, mastering the art of rune farming in Elden Ring offers players a pathway to expedited character growth and progression. By employing the MN's Sacred Spear, Taker's Cameo Talisman, and Golden Scarab, players can harvest runes at an unprecedented rate, paving the way for formidable builds and epic adventures.

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