​RuneScape 3's Necromancy Skill Is a Perfect Blueprint For World of Warcraft


There are vast opportunities for another class in World of Warcraft, and one in particular could make for an awesome addition.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has given players a brand-new class in the Evoker, one which embraces a more mind-boggling style of gameplay. This is uplifting news for any impending classes that recently escaped the realm of plausibility inside the game. One such idea for a future class in World of Warcraft is the Necromancer, and this is an idea different games have already played with.

RuneScape 3 is similar to WoW in various ways, in any event, predating the latter by several years. The charming world of Gielinor may have had its heyday, yet the cutting-edge variant of RuneScape has as of late incorporated another combat style, Necromancy, an act that's extraordinary since the game's release.

World of Warcraft Could Involve RuneScape's Necromancy As Inspiration For Another Class

If World of Warcraft at any point wanted to create a necromancer class, RuneScape 3's freshest combat skill could give the foundation to inspiration. The legend behind this skill is that the player needs assistance from Death himself to defeat the principal necromancer, Rasial. The spirits of the deceased initially decline to cooperate, since they would rather not be enslaved to another's will. The way around this innate tyranny is for the player to just ask the dead for help, instead of demanding it.

In this way, the player can remain the legend without the requirement for morally ambiguous action. While World of Warcraft may not have to take the same course, given a few playable classes already walk a razor's edge between great and fiendishness, it's a fascinating legend prospect. Necromantic power is obtained in RuneScape by engaging in rituals, a particular activity inside the Underworld that gathers spirits the player can use to open abilities.

The actual combat aspect of necromancy in RuneScape 3 includes a decision between tank and power, essentially two specializations that each offer an exceptional advantage of real value. This duality in jobs is exactly what World of Warcraft needs for its classes. The necromancer in RS3 is a ranged class that wears material like a mage would, albeit fabric that's been pervaded with the spirits of the dead. They dual-employ a gauntlet-looking weapon called a Death Guard along with a skeleton lantern, the two of which have significant legend capabilities.

Notwithstanding being capable of ranged attacks, the necromancer, particularly while tanking, works best when encircled on all sides by foes. They can drain the health of various enemies, tainting them with diseases and sending spooky followers to heal the necromancer for the damage they deal. This means that, theoretically, a necromancer in World of Warcraft could also heal different players by calling spirits to repair their injuries or give them buffs.

There are, obviously, a few drawbacks to the necromancer idea. Gathering fearsome followers or spreading diseases is a world thing Warcraft's death knights and warlocks already succeed at, so the necromancer would have to view another avenue as really remarkable. As recently referenced, utilizing the powers of undeath as a healing specialization would really shake things up, also a caster class can actually tank utilizing spells, followers, and self-heals.

With the advent of the Augmentation Evoker specialization in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, players were met with spells that could astutely target different players. This meant that Augmentation, while acting as a damage-dealer, benefits teammates by enhancing others' abilities. This opened the entryway for an entire host of conceivable help classes, each utilizing their own flavor of ability to help teammates in a variety of creative ways. Here, necromancers could easily fit in as a cross-breed support spec.

Necromancy as an idea has existed in World of Warcraft since its origination, and seeing it fully explored in its own special versatile class would be a thrilling possibility. In any case, alongside similar sorts of force like the Unholy Death Knight or Demonology Warlock, a necromancer class would have to bring something new and engaging to the table. Either way, if WoW’s story ever took another turn for the undead, necromancers could have their day in the sun.

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