​Shoutout to the primary man or woman in Dark and Darker


Shoutout to the primary man or woman I met that didn't butcher me! Dear solo Barbarian - it is me, a solo Rogue.

I turned into flat broke after a string of losses and looking to rat a few brief loot in starter gear (additionally an extended string of losses) once I met you on Floor 2. I turned into having a actual awful night and at the verge of simply calling it.

Things began out very rocky; I had a terrible spawn area and narrowly escaped, and Dark and Darker Gold for sale make me better. With 2 HP and one inexperienced candlestick in my bag I turned into noticed through some other participant and started out sprinting in the direction of the circle even as slightly averting skeletons and zombie fart gas. You need to have heard me coming due to the fact once I got here zooming across the nook you had an invis potion in-hand, status simply out of doors the open doorway even as monsters and in all likelihood a Ranger had been on my tail.

I stopped lifeless as you became to stand me, drawing your potent axe. I emphatically begged for my lifestyles through retaining the quick distance among us and doing The DanceTM. You took a step lower back from the door and saved your crosshairs on me as I slowly crouch-walked beyond you, earlier than turning to run as rapid as I can each now no longer wishing to initiate your ire or be backstabbed anyway. Bless your merciful soul; my beginning Rondel Dagger quakes in worry of your meat-grinding six-pack.

Then I observed a restoration fountain and controlled to sneak some chests; it wasn't much, however the inexperienced candlestick and blue bracelet I observed turned into extra than sufficient to get myself "began out" once more to accumulate a few bankroll.

Then a portal spawned! Happy day! I quick opened it up and attempted to sneak some other 2 close by chests earlier than exfiltration, and who do I see alive and well?! You! I turned into nonetheless nervous, however you had been cordial and teabagged at me. I'm sorry if I left a chunk quick as you inched closer; I without a doubt simply wished that get away after a grueling numerous hours of dropping all my stuff! This recreation has skilled me to by no means agree with all people ever.

Thank you, pleasant solo Barbarian. Thank you for giving a sneaky solo base-package backstabber like me a chance. I desire you made it out with a few high-quality treasure, too!

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