​Spark of wanting to play start to die out


Do you feel that you're losing the excitement that keeps you playing? I used to be enthusiastic about signing in and working on my daily tasks. I realize that repetitive content isn't the best option for all people, which is the reason I tried to change things up. I have two sets of accessories for my characters, which I switch between different models, or to introduce a new alt, or whatever. I have plenty of content horizontal to complete, but I'm starting to feel the urge to play disappear.

If you're thinking "you're just burning out" I'm here to tell you this isn't the case for me. I'm not new to MMOs in any way. In fact, I was a player in WoW during 16 years, and I have chucked to the most grindy content and never got bored.

I'm thinking that my loss of interest stems from the whole issue of queues, bots and ASG. I have a difficult to believe in an industry that I believe has a very dark future. My main guild, as well as several of my other guilds are basically ghost towns. There are people who haven't logged into their accounts for days or even weeks. My guildmate and I talked about it just a few days ago and he explained to me that it was due to the bots. He explained that the majority of guild members quit because the process of arranging raid times were becoming restrictive with endless waiting in lines. He also said an instance where a Valtan group had lost their entry tickets and did not receive an opportunity to re-enter. It was a big blow to their morale as they were trying to do hardmode, for the very first time.

I'm sure there's no simple solution, however I am feeling like there's a lot of silence on the radio regarding AGS's behavior and its intentions. Recently, I read several forums on players being banned incorrectly because they're testing new methods to ban bots. On the exact same moment, I noticed the queues rise to 4000 users on my account. It's already 4 AM and I'm in an 8000-strong queue. I decided to exit. Yesterday, I left the game for about 30 minutes to get to the store when I returned to an afk error message which caused me to quit the game and then requeue. I didn't bother with at the time.

I'm not really blaming anyone for the situation. While it's easy to blame RMTers, it isn't their responsibility to correct the bot problem. One of the easiest ways to compare it is to consider Lost Ark to a town and AGS as the authority that sets rules, and RMTers as the citizens. When you do not enforce rules, people won't follow the rules, even in the event that they don't want to. The game was created to encourage RMT. Every progression is tied to gold. You can go to an honer at Punika and move from 1302 to any Ilvl you like in the event that the gold you own is unlimitable. The shop lets you purchase lost ark gold, which means you can progress.

If I had a $10,000 budget, perhaps I'd take my main to 1500+ , but it would be doing me a the disservice of doing myself. Why should I pay to skip the game? I'd rather not play Valtan in 1490, or any other number that whales are capped at as it takes the excitement away. I won't feel a sense of accomplishment after this.

The bottom line is that it's an incredible game, and I hope it is fixed. I tend to stick with one particular game and continue playing it for a long period of time. It is a huge mistake for me to consider abandoning. Consider Blizzard and all the errors they made in the absence of the game. This is the reason I decided to leave. I've never considered giving up on the game due to the quality of the game, however. They've always corrected their errors. I've only played Lost Ark for 4 months and the game's quality is so bad that I'm having difficulty accessing the game. For me, this shows how badly the game is handled by the West. I'd be willing to pay a lot of money to play a translation version using the Korean servers, but there are laws that block the possibility of doing so. Perhaps one day.