Taking the aggregation into 2K18

We are a about .500 aggregation searching for players for our aggregation and to possibly backpack over into 2k18. Appropriate now we accept 5 guys but usually abandoned accept 3 or so on at a time, we play a lot of nights.

We are new to Proam this year and accept played about 150 amateur and accept bigger a lot in that time. Searching for arctic players who ambition to get bigger and win games. Appropriate now our aggregation is.

Pg- Playmaker/Sharpshooter Sg- Slasher Sf- attempt architect Pf- able-bodied finisher C- Glass cleaner.

We are searching for about any position/archetype, abnormally a adeptness advanced and maybe a cutting bouncer who play the 1-3 positions depending who's on. We all accept mics and are academy aged.

I play with a 95 aciculate PG. Accept to be able to rebound,set picks/roll,and not yield impaired shots. I don't affliction about classic or almanac or experience.

You'll be the 3rd advantage in scoring.

We are alive at midnight GMT. Put your PSN in the comments if interested. And I afresh started a new psn annual afterwards accepting to SS1 on my old one but got rid of it if MLB came out.

MLB concluded up accepting abhorrent so I am aback on 2k and absent to get aback into arena again. It is a beginning annual and I am in the average of architecture a Aciculate for esplanade and pro am.

If anyone is absorbed and arena my PSN is BradL13_ and I am a aggregation amateur who had a 950-143 esplanade almanac afore abandonment previously. I accept a mic and use it as well.

We are in charge of a SG Sharpshooter, and a SF/PF Lockdown Defender.

Taking the aggregation into 2K18, abandoned requirements are accept a acceptable mentality, accept a top basketball iq, NBA 2K18 MT Coins and accept a acceptable attitude.


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