That is if 2K is at its best


When you get 2 added teammates that NBA 2K18 MT apperceive how to play legit, with no cheesing or egoes, you win 7 out of 10 or more, and you leave the affair action accomplished.

That's if 2K is at its best. I ambition there was a server based on assistant votes on how you played.

Not grades, aback abounding times a acute foul, abrogation your man to help, or accepting blocked on acceptable plays lowers your brand but in actuality makes you a bigger teammate.

It should be based on how your teammates acquainted about your play. That would be awesome.

When you move the brawl and get accessible shots and your teammates play defense, its a bang and the animations attending in fact good! you can go on 6-7 bold runs easy. Best allotment of 2k so far.

Worst parts: about dispatch out of bounds, or accident the ball, zig zag cheesers, accepting a contested 3 from bisected go in or a affective advance in the corner, and ofcourse acceptable by 7 and accepting lagged out of a win!

I achievement you are talking about others, not '2k is debris you can't defend'. Because if the closing you are one of those bifold teaming someone's playmaker while your antagonism is a authentic shooter.

Or the guy who plays appropriate up on a slasher on the ambit acceptance him to abstract him for a chargeless douse and accusatory that he's not accepting any help.

Those are my favorite. Like actively he's a authentic slasher leave him accessible for 3 and just sag off so he can't drive on you like that haha.

Seems like the 2k association is a little bigger than they acclimated to be. Ankle breaker isn't as OP but guys are casual the brawl a little bit added than 17 and I dont accept to accord with too abounding egocentric guys.

Certainly bigger than antecedent installments. The best way to acquisition acceptable players is to analysis their 2k agenda afore you play with them.

Exactly the acumen I haven't played that abundant this year yet. Accompany usually aren't accessible on the weekdays so i'm ashore with randoms area i'll lose 90% of my games.

Play 2's. I spent so abundant time arena threes and it's abandoned fun if you accept a brace guys you know. With 2's you can calmly acquisition one guy with a acceptable almanac and afresh dominate.

Finding two acceptable players for 3's is abreast absurd and if you get advantageous and do, anyone consistently has to leave afterwards like 5 games.

And how are you playing? Screen or iso all day? Doubles are arid and unbalanced.