The ASB he bigger to the point

Why is it that Brandon Ingram never develops in myLeague? I get that at the alpha of the division he struggled with his attempt and didn't assume too promising.

But afterwards the ASB he bigger to the point area the Lakers are absorption their clean about him (and Lonzo etc).

But in appealing abundant every myLeague I've simmed added than 5 seasons in he never progresses accomplished low 80s, if that.

Also, in accepting his bold seems a lot added fluid, but in 2k he seems apathetic about like you're application a center.

I had ingram already in my alliance annd he had an low 90. I played him as pf and personlaized his training and beatific him every year to the beginning abeyant training year.

I never user the Lakers in myLeague. The AI usually will still acquire him appear off the bank even afterwards he's a few seasons in and in his prime.

Well that's why. The CPU in actuality sucks at MyLeague/MyGM. I've gone 20+ seasons afore and alfresco of my own aggregation (which had 6) there were alone like 3 players bigger than 85 all-embracing in the complete league.

Isn't that about absolutely due to how attenuate top potentials are for the generated rookies though? And you're drafting the attenuate 90+ abeyant guys so the CPU never get them?

No, I usually can't abstract top abeyant guys because I acquire the endure aces in the draft. But I use the Abeyant training affected to get the abeyant up.

Also there are lots of upgrades you get for leveling up that access the abeyant of all your players.

Can you aggrandize on the alone training?

On that myLeague agenda if you annal to the advantage that says "player training" you can accept how harder you wish your players to alternation and how abundant time you wish them to absorb on developing specific attributes.

By absence it's set to focus on developing anniversary alone player's own archetype.

For classic a airy PF would allegedly admeasure added time to advance in rebounding, vertical, and strength, than a canyon aboriginal point bouncer would. It's been in the bold for I anticipate 2 years now, it's in actuality a nice feature, NBA 2K18 MT Coins but it doesn't acquire a in actuality abstruse aftereffect on a player's all-embracing accomplishment akin in my opinion.


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