The Differences Between OSRS As Well Runescape 3


One of the two loved games within the MMO genre is RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape. Both were created by Jagex which was a smart decision by the game's creators to offer various versions of the game available since large portions of the players didn't agree with the direction taken by RS3. This resulted in huge demand for OSRS as well. If you're confused between these two different games or wish to differentiate between them then these are the key differences that distinguish the two games that are so popular and incredibly fun.

The Graphics

A major difference can be the visual appearance of each game due to it differs in the style of graphics. OSRS features simplistic graphics and features whereas RS3 offers modern graphics that are more attractive. OSRS isn't the most advanced or the most modern 3D graphics however, it's close enough. OSRS's textures OSRS appear old-fashioned and cartoonish. It appears that every character is an assortment of polygons however RS3 provides more realistic characters' textures and looks much superior in comparison. Also, the spells and attacks and other animations that are available in RS3 are much better and more exciting than OSRS.

The Gold

Due to the way economies function it is possible to see an increase in RS3 in comparison to OSRS. The gold value in the old game is more expensive, which implies that there's not an increase in Runescape gold that is spread across the entire economy. It's not the same for RS3 however, and it's evident when you attempt to purchase gold using real money. Most players choose to purchase gold through an established site that is well-known, and well-reviewed by other players. It is evident that if you are looking to buy 50 million dollars of gold in OSRS this will be the equivalent of buying about 235 million in RS3. The same applies to the games, and the value of things differs for each game. If a thing has a value of one million dollars within the OSRS then it is 5 times the amount in RS3.


Another significant difference could be Old School RuneScape doesn't have any micro-transactions since it was never a pay-to-win game. However, Runescape 3 differs and this aspect of the game was added. Some players aren't too keen on this feature, however, the majority of players dislike the feature. microtransactions in which you have to pay real money to purchase levels and lamps for the experience. The feature isn't present in OSRS and many players are happy with it this way.

The progression and gains

It is possible to be able to see that in RS3 progress, leveling, skills, and earning rewards are quicker and simpler than OSRS. It doesn't require a lot of effort or time, and nearly everyone is able to progress in the tough and elite aspects of the game. However, in OSRS the term "elite" is a reference to the most difficult game difficulty. Only a tiny percent of players is able to beat it. Additionally, leveling and questing could take a considerable amount of duration and can be significantly difficult. It is recommended to follow the instructions to complete all quests since they could last for quite a long time.

There's an ongoing debate among players on which part is more beneficial, but there is a cult following to both styles because every player is unique. Certain gamers believe it's more enjoyable and fulfilling to spend hours or days to reach an objective, while other gamers prefer to finish an assignment quickly and move into the next adventure or challenge. A lot of people also prefer shortcuts or the ability to acquire high-end equipment quickly. It all depends on what kind of player you like about your experience.

Different Playstyle

If you are playing OSRS it will be apparent that the game is easy with a simple point-and-click interface as well as the ability to change between various combat types and equipment in the middle of a battle. However, RuneScape 3 is more of a cooling system that lets your abilities be recharged in a matter of seconds or even minutes to recharge. Thus, beginning missions, facing monsters and bosses, and battling opponents are distinct.

If you're a fan or not of OSRS or RS3 Both of these games have been incredibly entertaining and fun. They could cause you to lose track of time and provide hours of enjoyment due to their design to keep players on their seats to experience the excitement. We suggest that you try each and enjoy the most enjoyable of both. You can choose between the two games according to your mood, and experience the distinct experience each one offers. Be sure to sign up for several runescape accounts in order to enjoy the game's flexibility.