The Way To Train Your Magic in OSRS


It can be costly to learn. Runes are required for every player, and that price can become massive over the course of time. Some staves may help you reduce the number of runes you need. If you're looking for the combinations you'll have to search for them or purchase them from the Grand Exchange. The staves can only supply at most two of the four basic elements of runes (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air). This means that you'll need to locate a source for the rest, which you'll require OSRS gold buy.

Here are some tips to boost your Magic and earn OSRS gold!

The Enchanting Jewellery (Level 7 to about 60)

It is possible to master level 7 Enchanting, however, at this point, it's no longer economically feasible to pursue it. Enchanting should be done at lower levels when you don't require an enormous amount of money and your profits will easily be enough to cover the costs.

7-27: Enchanting (level 1) Sapphire Jewelry.

27-49/55 28-49/55 (level 2.) Emerald Rings into Rings of Dueling.

49-55: Enchanting (level 3) Topaz and Ruby Jewelry. This process could result in losses, which makes following the steps above until the age of 55 more consistent in terms of profits and XP rates.

57 Enhancing (level 4.) Diamond Jewelry. This requires a significant investment to make the following method more effective. There is still a chance to make money with this method, but.

Charging Orbs (level between 56 and 70)

Elemental orbs could yield an enormous profit, especially when you've got the agility level. The latter is required to gain access to shortcuts that will take you into and out of the dungeons that the obelisks with the elemental elements are. This technique also yields greater profits with fewer investment costs.

56: Charging Water Orbs. Make use of the Staff of Water to cut the rune cost. A minimum of 80 Agility is recommended to achieve the highest performance.

60 the Charging of 60: Charging Orbs. Beware of PK-ers. Be sure to bring the Staff of Earth and nothing else than what you will need.

63: Charging Fire Orbs. The same as Water Orbs, except fire this time. Make use of a staff of Fire and 80 Agility is recommended.

66: Changing Air Orbs. You'll need to traverse the Wilderness before you reach Edgeville. Edgeville Dungeon. As with Earth Orb take only the things you require and absolutely nothing else. Utilize a Staff of Air.

Different Methods of Use

Here are some methods to learn Magic that can't be classified as such.

Superheating ore into bars

You can purchase OSRS gold by selling Superheated ore. It is contingent upon which kinds you can use to make an income. When you don't collect ore yourself, you're taking on the cost of the ore as well as the Nature Runes that you'll be using. You can use calculators as well as tools that you can utilize to determine the best ores for this.

High Alchemy

At the age of 55. you are able to learn how to cast High Alchemy. It can be used on your items to transform the items into OSRS gold. Certain players are able to do this until they get to Magic 99. and they have enough earnings to be able to buy OSRS gold should they wish to. It is important to study the items you could use to make money. You'll need to purchase items in bulk, and you don't want to waste cash!

Superglass Make

If you've completed your Lunar Diplomacy quest and are at Magic level 77. you can use this spell to create Molten Glass. Make use of Smoke Battlestaff and you'll not have to be concerned regarding Astral Runes. Every cast will affect your inventory, making this an efficient way to run. Thirteen Seaweed and 13 buckets of Sand can yield an excellent profit. There is a chance to earn a bit more cash if you make use of three Giant Seaweed and 18 Buckets of Sand.


Of course, there are several other techniques that you could use to increase your quality Enchants, as well as other spells for production. They're not included because they're not as effective at giving you profits as well as Magic XP. For instance, High-Level Enchants demand the investment of significant funds, yet they hand the highest XP rates. If you're looking to make money this isn't the best way to make it happen.

Other strategies can yield lower profits or even cause losses. The methods listed here offer the highest rates and decent returns.

Beware that these methods take a long time to let you hit 99. Combat offers better rates if you're searching for the most efficient method. This is likely to be costly which is why it's not recommended for accounts that are new or players who don't have the funds. You can always purchase OSRS gold But would you be willing to risk it?

In any case, there is a saying that slow and steady is the winner' and this is about as slow as it gets. Additionally, by using these methods you can offset the cost of OSRS GP on runes and gold with all the money you make. This is the ideal of both worlds!

Have fun earning OSRS gold and learning Magic!