​What took place the previous few years


Oke, I didn’t play for some years. I was once a pinnacle 2% participant each 12 months and am definitely now no longer new to FIFA. But what took place? I am questioning if I am lacking some thing large (? assist please!), due to the fact I lower back this 12 months and my revel in is summed up with stuff taking place like:

- My defenders status IN the attackers now no longer getting the ball without or with tackling of FIFA 23 Coins, it’s like they’re now no longer even there.

- The enemies defenders appear to simply immediately up stroll THROUGH my attackers lower back and stroll off with the ball like my attacker wasn’t even there.

- Not to even point out how my gamers appear to be crafted from paper and simply now no longer able to protecting a ball.

- My gamers are passive like hell and sure I set all of the procedures had to be set. They by no means step into passing lanes, are constantly miles farfar from an opponent.

- Meanwhile I can’t make a bypass with out an opponent status subsequent to my guy.

- Literally have gamers status UNDER and air all and it drops essentially on their head, however I simply don’t get the participant and any other of my gamers miles away runs in the direction of the ball and ofcourse is simply too past due and loses the contest. But I had a participant RIGHT THERE doing not anything!

- What the f took place to GK’s? Sometimes they've MASSIVE reflexes and maintain not possible balls. Sometimes an open shot from 30 miles out simply flies in like they unexpectedly forgot the way to role.

- My gamers withinside the passing lane simply searching on the ball passing with the aid of using, despite the fact that they're there.

- I bypass DOWN, the gamers passes down proper or left to any other participant.

Either I am lacking some thing large, a placing or some thing. Or there's a few HUGE meta tactic placing I overlooked out on withinside the 50 YT films I watched approximately it. But each freaking sport I am like WTF IS HAPPENING?! Despite the fact that I was once a 1/2 of respectable participant. It’s now no longer even funny. More cheap fut 23 coins on MMOexp shop, contact us at once.