Why does 2k acquire that


Why does 2k acquire that Centers can’t bolt or authority a ball? Per Bold I’m accepting 3-4 turnovers because my guy (7’3) can’t bolt or authority a ball.

I've heard cement easily maxed out helps acutely with this issue. Can't allege from acquaintance though Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. Any account how to bullwork this?

2k gave us the affliction way to get cement hands. A brand that has to do with communicable passes from teammates is collapsed up by accepting steals... makes absolute sense.

The complete animation/play has something to do with 50/50 balls, but to this day i acquire no abstraction what a 50/50 brawl is in basketball.

Seems to abandoned appear on steals from what ive apparent in claimed experience, but it in actuality is a applesauce shoot whether an action counts for it. Incredible alive how basic this brand is for big men.

Yeah afterwards your bulletin acquire been traveling for steals and that's in actuality what I've been accepting them for. I'm academic its added of the action breadth you assault the brawl abroad and it goes on the attic and you grab it instead of them as there are some times they get it. Awe-inspiring brand for sure.

I don't play MyCareer, but can affirm that this happens just as generally on annihilation at or aloft Pro adversity in either MyTeam, Play Now, or what acquire you. The bulk of fumbled passes is clashing annihilation I've anytime apparent before.

ANY pass, no bulk how accessible that abecedarian may be, esp. on the run, is accountable to be dropped, fumbled, or mis-handled just abundant for the opposing aggregation to either bolt up to, or abduct the brawl from that player. It is acerbity inducing.

But cpu can do absolute passes to their teammates just fine. Idk whose abstraction this was but this is a huge issue.

I'll canyon to my big men beneath bassinet if they're accessible for a second, afresh they abstract it and maybe even lose it. Afresh I acquire to force a bad attempt or bang out quick afore 3 sec in the acrylic call.

I acquire played one aggregation walk-on bold and these team-mates kept accidental me the brawl if i was surrounded.

My abecedarian kept bottomward the brawl with in actuality no ascribe from me and afore i apperceive it 7 turnovers and kicked from the game. I now acquire a 0-1 "F" appraisement for Aggregation Walk-On. Not amphitheatre again.