Why Rudy Gay is GOAT in 2K

20 years afterwards its antecedent release, the advance developer for NBA Jam accepted that he hid a abstruse cipher in the bold that acquired all Chicago Bulls players to brick their endure additional attempt attempts in abutting games.

He aswell bargain Scottie Pippen's ratings any time the Bulls played the Pistons. For whatever reason, I begin this air-conditioned interesting.

Made me admiration if at any point during 2k/Madden/Live's all-encompassing lifespan, a developer has secretly hidden a bold alteration bug aural the code.

So this explains why Rudy Gay is GOAT in 2k, one of the 2k devs accept a amulet for him.

I'm not the alone accepting to get yammed on by rudy gay every time I play 2k?

I bethink 2k13 dude was the fucking best amateur in the bold and anytime we fabricated teams anybody accolade to get Rudy. I didn't apperceive the carelessness was still traveling on.

Any able-bodied accession that can shoot is amazing in 2k, Rudy, Terrence Ross, and JR are the bigger one I can anticipate of NBA 2K18 MT Coins.

I forgot about him, Gerard blooming too, if anyone is abundant on breach and athletic, it doesn't bulk how shitty they are on D, you can account at will and accumulate up on the added end.

Ever apish a division with Gordon Hayward on the Celtics? For whatever acumen they consistently end up with a accident record, injuries or not. So which accepting on the dev aggregation is a applesauce fan?

I did already and the applesauce concluded up acceptable the championship with Rubio out for the season.

Tbf in my acquaintance they consistently end up with a accident almanac regardless. Anybody but IT is ridiculously inefficient, like olynyk and crowder cutting 35/30 and horford 42/20. They end up 8th berry at best usually.

Yeah something about the way those players fit calm makes the Celtics a 7/8 berry every time. Hopefully that will not be the case in 2K18.

In apish seasons (this one lasted about 12 or 13 seasons) I saw the #1 berry Cavs get agitated in the aboriginal annular about 3-4 times. They're just decumbent for accident absolutely early.


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