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A Compilation of the Top Server Roasts in the Month of June! Server roasts assume to be aggregate a lot in the sub as of late, and aback in actuality every Ronnie cheep has a animadversion about the servers, I took the alternative of accumulation the best of these tweets into a alone thread.

"Klay abominably ran into one of the Monstars"

"The servers abominably ran into one of the Monstars"

"Always fun w/ this guy @youngwhiteside. We played one of the craziest amateur of 2K anytime today, army was hyped!"

"did the servers blast mid way through the game?"

"Good to apprehend Steve Kerr is advantageous abundant to drillmaster Bold 2 on sidelines tonight"

"True but your servers aren't advantageous at all"

"I acquire apparent it. I am aback muhahahahaha"

"Too bad the severs aren't back, delay they were never here"

"8 turnovers and they still denticulate 40. Crazy! The Cavs charge Frye in there a lot more"

"And we charge bigger servers. Can't consistently get what you want"

"No #NBA2KCast today. Acutely has a lot to allocution about but Chris is out with eye procedure"

"Hopefully he can SEE how debris the servers are if he gets back"

"Recipe for Warriors loss? 2 of 4 stars in abhorrent trouble, JR & Tristan w/ big games"

"Recipe for bigger servers?"

"Klay bold for 1st time these playoffs"

"1st time ur servers worked?"

"What's Korver's 2K douse rating? I didn't apperceive he could dunk."

"What's your servers rating"

"LeBron & JR 11/12. Anybody abroad 3/13"

"Your servers 0/17"

"MJ would be 11-11 just saying"

"Servers would 0-11"



"How is The Land accepting dedicated if the Warriors acquire racked up the afterward credibility every half: 60 53 67 65 67"

"How could your servers be this debris afterwards this abounding years : 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017"



"JR I adulation you so abundant for that shot"

"I ambition you admired your servers as abundant as you adulation JR"

"We just not calling fouls anymore?"

"we just not accepting acceptable servers anymore?"

"That was abstruse my man"

"your servers aren't profound"

"We still not calling fouls"

"We still not acclimation servers ?"

"Love got fouled"

"speaking of love. you apperceive what i would love? some appropriate servers"

"Kyrie my man"

"servers not our mans"

"Steph can not be accepting 13 rebounds..."

"And you can't acquire acceptable servers"

"Who ya got tonight?"

"Servers in 7"

"For all the humans that don't anticipate he should be out there, Zaza has been a force so far"

"He's alive harder afresh your servers"


"Whoah attending how bad your servers are!"

"Foul agitation has kept Death Calendar from attic abundant this series"

"your servers consistently acquire trouble"

"These lineups are smallll. Is anyone over 6'7"?"

"Servers are small"

"Warriors on 17-2 run aback Iggy dunk"

"Too bad i couldnt go on a 17-2 run in esplanade because i lag out so much"

"JR is a warrior archimage magician"

"Good maybe he can plan abracadabra on your servers"

Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins And that was alone bisected of them lol. Hopefully you guys got a acceptable cackle out of assume of these. Admiration how abounding added times humans will acquire to accomplish server jokes afore they are fixed.


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