You can just use abstract boards

Has anyone anytime had a bad pick/player become an allstar in MyLeague? Maybe I havent played enough, but I accept never had a amateur lower than a 10th aces breach even an 85 rating.

Is that just me? Accept you had any players who surpassed their expectations?

The affair with MyLeague's abstract is that there is not complete accomplishment in addition out who is acceptable and who isn't.

The AI already knows, and you can just use abstract boards and advance advice to amount out the complete top players in the abstract aural a minute.

There aren't prospects, there aren't sleepers. There are alone players that are acceptable (Top 12 ish), role players (First Round) and players that will never play.

I in fact went and checked, Buy NBA 2K18 MT and on my bold of MyLeague breadth I in fact play every game, I accept alone anytime had one generated guy on my aggregation anytime get any austere annual if he wasn't best in the top 5, and it was from a premade 2017 draft (He was drafted 42nd, it was TJ Leaf).

The alone acumen I acclimated him was that he was abounding at 3s, but I eventually traded him abroad because he was just abhorrent at so abounding things. He was basically beneath boilerplate at aggregate but threes.

That just doesn't accomplish faculty to me. Abiding accepting anyone like Isaiah Thomas is absolutely rare, but I accept never apparent a sleeper do well.

Not once. I accept never even apparent a mid aboriginal bastard about-face into an all star. It should at atomic be possible.

Never happened in over 30 drafts. Mostly custom abstract classes to be sure.

I acquisition this to be the one of the bigger downsides of contrarily abounding MyGM and MyLeague bold modes. CPU will consistently amount out who's traveling to be good, and who isn't.

This is amount of applesauce of advance in absoluteness you accept Kwame Browns all over the place, and 2nd rounders authoritative abounding careers like Manu or Paul Millsap or even undrafted players like Ben Wallace.

Not absolutely on topic, but talking about accessory MyLeague/MyGM concerns, one affair that strikes me as able-bodied are injuries.

Fact of the bulk is, if complete players get actively injured, that generally has affecting appulse on them, see Rose as league's youngest MVP and what injuries did to him, or even afore guys like T-Mac.

This isn't absolutely mirrored in the game, players about appear aback to business even afterwards boxy division catastrophe injuries.


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